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A-DENT is a dental practice that serves in high quality dental services with the primary focus on preventive dentistry, root-canal treatment and prosthodontics.

Dentist Krakow Saturday

Our main goal is to build a strong, professional relationship between our doctor and patients on the basis of our vast dental knowledge, experience, and mutual trust.

What's important for non-polish speakers, doctor and stuff are speaking fluent english. If only requested, you will receive treatment plan, detailed explanation and after treatment support - all in english. Moreover, we are experienced in treatment documentation in the form requested by health insurances from most EU countries.

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Root Canal Treatment


Treatment is conducted by doctor, second degree specialist in endodontics. Dental Practice is equipped with microscope.

World class


Bridges, dentures and crowns

No hidden costs

Treatment plans with prize guarantee in written form

Direct contact to doctor also in out of office hours

It's good to have opportunity to reach your dentist also in out of office hours (holidays included). Just in case ...

Dentist Krakow Saturday: open till early afternoon hours

On Saturdays we are open till early afternoon hours. We kindly ask you to book your visit in advance.

I guarantee root canal treatment under microscope. Additionally dental practice serves high quality prosthodontics services. Treatment is always painless. We are open also on Saturdays.

I encourage you to contact for details.

Agnieszka Sabat-Wójciga DDS
Specialist in preventive dentistry and endodontics

Preventive Dentistry
Prevention and treatment of dental caries
Root Canal Treatment
Treatment of the irreversible inflammation of a dental pulp
Supplementing of the dental cavities and improvement of the teeth appearance (aesthetics prosthodontics)
Dental Surgery
Tooth extractions, incision of the abscesses, sewing and supply of the alveolus
Dental Treatment of Children
Treatment of primary and permanent teeth and teeth protection treatments (fluoridation, fissure sealing)
Aesthetic Dentistry
Brightening, discolorations removal and modification of teeth shape
Teeth Whitening
Brighter and nicer smile thanks to whiter teeth
Agnieszka Sabat-Wójciga, DDS

Specialist in preventive dentistry and endodontics

She graduated from Jagiellonian University in Cracow. She received one of the highest results from the national medical exam in 2007/2008.

In 2009-2012 she received specialist training in preventive dentistry and endodontics in the University Dental Clinic in Cracow.

She is an expert in endodontic treatment that she always conducts according to most up-to-date procedures. She is very fluent in endodontic treatment uder microscope. Her second favourite field in the dentistry is prosthodontics. Moreover she has an excellent approach to treating children. Thanks to nice atmosphere and painless treatment, dental visits are stressless.

At present, in order to be always up to date with dental knowledge of her field of interest, she participates in numerous trainings, many of them held abroad.

What marks A-Dent out?

Root Canal Treatment



Successful treatment results from technical medical knowledge and work experience of our doctor running A-DENT. We provide high quality endodontic and prosthetic services which is why our satisfied customers choose A-DENT as their long term dental practice.

Direct contact to doctor also in out of office hours

Our patients have direct phone contact to the doctor in and out of office hours. Every patient has access to dental services and consultation 24/7 including dental help in emergency situations.

Equipped with microscope

In order to provide best quality of endodontic treatment, doctor has an option to use a microscope. As a result, time required for root canal treatment is limited to only two visits and additionally probability of sucessfull treatment increases significally.

Final cost of treatment known before its start

The patient is informed of the final cost of treatment always before it begins. Before treatment, on patient's request, a free treatment plan may be arranged.

Stress-free dental treatment of children

Our goal is to make children look back at visits in A-DENT practice with positive emotions.

Rabates for returning patients

Our returning patients receive rebates for dental services served at A-DENT. We offer also special prices for students.

Open also on Saturdays

Dentist Krakow Saturday

On Saturdays practice is opened till early afternoon hours. We kindly ask you to always call us and agree exact date and hour of your visit because opening hours on Saturdays are variable.

English Speaking Doctor

For your convenince you can freely talk with doctor in english. She will provide you with all necessary information about treatment. Moreover she can fill in all the documents required by your home issurance if necessary (treatment costs refound).


Put your trust in us and let us become your first choice dental clinic in Krakow

Your Krakow Dentist

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